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Jugaadopolis 4.0 – The city in films,

July 8, 2020 By jugaadopolis

An online workshop that used films as tool to map the evolution of cities Cities play just an equally important role in a film as its actors; the situation is what helps us relate to the scene better. The other additives, be it the sound of the traffic or other ambient noise or at times […]

Reimagining the Town: Upcycling in the Public Space, Kolkata & Chandernagore, January, 2020.

January 20, 2020 By jugaadopolis

We started our new year with conceiving and curating a 7 day workshop Reimagining The Town Upcycling in the Public Space with students of design from MIT Institute of Design  and L’École de design Nantes Atlantique India Studio  in collaboration with Samuel Remy  Villette Makerz,  Sayantan Maitra  and Hélène Thébault  Supported by The French Institute […]

Jugaadopolis 2: Connecting Courtyards, Old Delhi, June 2019.

July 5, 2019 By jugaadopolis

A conversation with Courtyards; its occupants and users. Interpreting and mapping the life span of courtyards in select heritage structures in Shahjahanabad.   Aishwarya Tipnis Architects in association with Sunderdeep College of Architecture organised a four day workshop titled Jugaadopolis 2 from 15th June to 18th June 2019. The workshop is being organised by Aishwarya […]

Jugaadopolis 1: Sustainism, February 2019, Old Delhi.

February 20, 2019 By jugaadopolis

Necessity is the mother of invention they say, Indian cities are symptomatic of how innovation can lead to create solutions with limited resources. “Sustainism” a concept coined by Michiel Schwarz and Joost Elffers – names the new context of global connectivity, sustainability, open exchange, and a resurgence of the local. Aishwarya Tipnis Architects in association […]

Bonjour India: Co-Creation Workshop, Chandernagore, 2018

January 15, 2018 By jugaadopolis

Under the realm of Bonjour India 2017-2018, Know Your Indo French Heritage, a Co-Creation Workshop was organised by between 5 th -12 th January 2018 at Chandernagore College. This workshop was a collaboration between Chandernagore College, Jadhavpur University, Indian Institute of Management, Nagpur and Confluence Institute for Innovation and Creative Strategies in Lyon France. The […]

Know Your Indofrench Heritage, Bonjour India, 2017.

November 19, 2017 By jugaadopolis

As part of Bonjour India 2017, the Know your Indo French heritage was a project co-curated by Aishwarya Tipnis and the French Institute in India. The first round of the workshop involved 80 schools from all over India, 346 teams of 4 students and 12 teacher each, i.e. 1,730 participants, from 9 to 16 years […]

Design Fest, Doon School 2017

September 15, 2017 By jugaadopolis

Aishwarya Tipnis Architects in collaboration with Doon School Art Department conducted a sensory mapping workshop with the participants of the Doon School Design Fest.  The students then presented their impressions of the Doon School Campus based on  their explorations. 9th September 2017

Design Jam IIT Roorkee, 2016

May 10, 2016 By jugaadopolis

Aishwarya Tipnis Architects in collaboration with Department of Civil Engineering and Department of Architecture and Planning, Indian Institute of Technology have conceptualized a four part cross disciplinary workshop leading to the recycling of historic buildings within the IIT Rookee’s (erstwhile Thomason College of Engineering) 165 year old Campus. The first Jam held on 3rd-4th May […]