Restoration Toolbox

In heritage practice in India, the methodology and tools for restoration are dependent on the knowledge and skill of the individual practitioner undertaking the project. The Restoration Toolbox is envisaged to be an online free resource that helps practitioners with not just the methodology of what to do and how to do it but also where to find the materials and skills.

Building on the experience of The Haveli Project and the Manual for Homeowners for Conservation of Heritage Buildings in Shahajahanabad, Delhi, the Restoration ToolBox is envisioned within the framework of our co-created and collaborative platform of Jugaadopolis, where we engage with students to explore and engage with the lessons of sustainability in our old cities. It will become a user-friendly resource available on the website, that will empower users, occupiers, and young professionals in the actual practice of restoration on ground.

The Restoration ToolBox will target the typology of 19th & 20th Century Heritage Buildings in India and would focus on material conservation. The studio shall focus on the following materials (Cast Iron, Heritage Paints, Flooring Finishes, Timber, and Traditional Mortar)

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The research presented here has been co-created by the following people:

Aishwarya Tipnis | Hinna Devi Singh | Lakshmi R | Sarjan Dalal | Sneha Gireesh | Prakul Sardana | Mrinalini Singh | Parima Sharma | Edeeksha Shekhawat | Kanak Verma | Raman Bhardwaj | Dhanshree Lunge | Tushar Kshemkalyani | Prachitee Naik