Jugaadopolis 2: Connecting Courtyards, Old Delhi, June 2019.

July 5, 2019 By jugaadopolis

A conversation with Courtyards; its occupants and users. Interpreting and mapping the life span of courtyards in select heritage structures in Shahjahanabad.   Aishwarya Tipnis Architects in association with Sunderdeep College of Architecture organised a four day workshop titled Jugaadopolis 2 from 15th June to 18th June 2019. The workshop is being organised by Aishwarya Tipnis Architects (ATA) in Shahjahanabad (Old Delhi). The objective of the workshop was to introduce the students to the rich architecture and heritage of Shahjahanabad through experiencing life in the havelis. The hands-on workshop provided an opportunity to the students to gain first hand experience of living and working in a heritage city and helped them understand social systems and dynamics. The students presented their work in the form of short AV films.


Aishwarya Tipnis – Curator

Hinna Devi Singh – Design thinking and Research Methodology

Shilpa Jain – Faculty Coordinator, Sunderdeep College of Architecture

Ashim Chakrabarty – A/V Presentation and Filmmaking