February 11, 2021 By jugaadopolis

We at Jugaadopolis conducted a virtual workshop that applied aspects of space & design thinking onto interactive gaming (analog/digital).

It was an online workshop that used toys and games as tools to map & experience the essence of the city.

The aim of the workshop was to design an interactive user experience which concentrates on capturing the attributes of a city, be it food, culture, heritage, arts & crafts, architecture, markets and etc.

We wanted to create simulated situations that bring forward the different attributes of a city through a collaborative co-designing process. This intensive two-day workshop explored the day-to-day craft of game designing by creating concepts of interactive play materials like, puzzles, lego, digital games, apps, board games, cards through hands-on activities, group discussion, analysis, and critique.


Our participants belonged to varied backgrounds like architecture, product design, visual communications etc. And in a span of merely 24 hours they were able to produce some innovative and interactive gaming design ideas. Some of which have been showcased below.

Kerala: War to Canoe

In the history of Kerala, Snake Boat Race has been associated with the state for over 400 years now. The story of this boat race has been traced to the ancient king, Alleppey. He was known for fighting battles with the kings of nearby regions along the canals. During the time of war, the king suffered a heavy loss and to get a better boat, he got a boat architect to build a boat for him. The architect thus made the snake boat. In the present day, these boats are used during festivals as adventure sports and activities.
The format, the extreme competitive spirit witness, and the insane popularity of the Snake Boat Race are traits that make it one of the unusual festivals in India. The race is not just a sport, it’s a fiercely fought battle.

Surat: Land of Business

To understand the city of Surat, about its market and what it is famous for, which includes: diamond hubs, textile sectors and some of its famous places.

How does the game help in understand the city?
Whenever we talk about Surat the first things comes in our mind is Diamond and food and then textile. in this game we have station names as per the famous things of Surat like diamond hubs and textile sectors.

AGE GROUPS: 12+ years

How AR will work?

The game will work with 2 things, one is aboard and the other is a phone or tablet. All players have to scan the board in a particular application where the pawns and other elements like famous buildings and mills. As the board moves physically the game in the phone will also move with the board. Players can move around the whole board. once the player moves away from the board game will stop which ensures that all players stay together and can enjoy the game together.

Chennai: Transit through Play

AIM: To understand the city of Chennai, its experiential offerings through the realm of public transit, which include: the suburban electric train, buses and the metro.

How does the game help in understanding the city?

Just like public transit is one of the best ways to explore a place, this game takes the player through different routes, in the thick of the city while exposing them to different situations - either obstacles or advantages. These situations also highlight certain unique features of the city - the people, the culture, activities etc.

USER GROUP: people 12+ years of age.