Sens-o-polis: The Mayanagri

July 8, 2020 By jugaadopolis

Team Members: Dipangshi Dasgupta, Simran Kaur, Varda Sami, Sneha Venkiteswaran

Team Mentor: Pallavi Paul

The story talks about City of Dreams, Mumbai, which is filled with historical significance and dynamism, The city evolves every day , with lakhs of young aspirant migrating into the city , adapting and accepting them as its own . The transition from Colonial architecture with Art Deco buildings  to residential building and slums of Dharavi are used to depict the Historical narration of the city. 

The story sets in with the protagonist doing his daily job of being a tourist guide , going over the same landmarks day to day has made him get bored of his own city.

After a tiring day of roaming at every hook and corner of the city he ends up in his bed and goes into a sleep paralysis, he is confused as he enters the game with rules, lifelines and warnings. Being set in the game his life is synced to that of present day city life he experienced , now he needs to explore each and every iconic sense found in city in order to have his 5 senses back and come back to life. 

Video game symbolises his lost youthfulness and fun in his boring monotonous life at a Chaul  , and his alter ego which searches for the meaning of city in its lost essence. After surviving the game, now he knows the city beyond landmarks ,a city which breathes, adapts and accommodates life as we know.